Jean Monnet Courses – I semester a.y. 2019/20

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Dear student,

we inform you that  the Jean Monnet courses are active from the first semester of the academic year 2019/20,  they are co-funded by the European Union in the framework of Erasmus+ program and opened to all students, teachers and anyone else interested.

These courses promote active European citizenship and deal with the role of the EU in a globalized world, enhancing awareness of the Union and facilitating future engagement and people-to-people dialogue worldwide.

The following courses belong to the  Jean Monnet Chair SmallArea methods for Multidimensional Poverty and living conditions Indicators inEU – SAMPIEU”, co-founded to Prof. Monica Pratesi in 2018:

“European Indicators of poverty and vulnerabilities for Sustainable Development Goal and Seminars” (9 CFU – I Semester). On this course is borrowed the course:

– “European Statistical System and Data Production Model” (6 ECTS – I Semester,  which is part of the “OS” curriculum of the Master of Science in Economics (

“Small Area Methods for the analysis of multidimensional poverty data and Seminars” (9 ECTS – II Semester). On this course has been borrowed the course:

– “Analysis of Survey Data and Small Area Estimation” (6 ECTS – II Semester),  which is part of the “OS” curriculum of the Master of Science in Economics (

The two Jean Monnet courses, co-founded in 2017 are still active:

  • The Economics of European Regions: Theory, Empirics, and Policy” (9 ECTS), coordinator: Prof. Davide Fiaschi –  Website:
  • Labour Economics in an European Perspective” (6 ECTS), coordinator Prof. Lorenzo Corsini – Website:

Please check the timetable of the courses here:

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