Erasmus+ Studio

Erasmus+ is the new Program which brings together seven existing EU programs in the fields of education, training and youth for the period 2014-2020.

The Erasmus + / Erasmus program aims to improve professional skills and perspectives and modernize education and training by allowing students to undertake a period of study and training (traineeship) in the member countries of the European Union and other countries participating in the Program.

Download here some factsheets from the host Universities to get more detailed information about the organization of the Universities (academic calendar, student nomination, orientation, courses, etc.).



Students of the University of Pisa can apply for applications:

  • 1st and 2nd level degree courses
  • single-cycle degree programs
  • specialization schools
  • PhD schools
  • I and II level masters



Students, on the expiration date indicated in the Annual Call, must possess the following requisites:

  • being a student enrolled at the University of Pisa;
  • be in good standing with the payment of all university fees;
  • in the case of study mobility, be enrolled for at least the second year of university studies;
  • be in possession of the general requirements indicated in the Selection Announcement;
  • be in possession of the specific requirements for the course of study / Department specifically indicated in the Announcement.



Every year, between March and April, the University of Pisa publishes its Erasmus Call with the deadline by which students must present their candidacy. Subsequently there is a reopening of the call for proposals in the month of October, in which the remaining destinations are inserted in order to start in the month of February.

The Notice therefore provides for two different deadlines for the submission of the application:

  • spring, to leave for the entire next academic year or, at choice, for the first or second semester of the following academic year.
  • autumn, to leave in the second semester of the academic year.



The announcement and the application form are available on the Erasmus Portal of the University of Pisa.

The application for the 2019/2020 academic year must be submitted online within the deadline of 19th April 2019. Together with the Erasmus + application, the following must also be submitted:

  • detailed study plan for the first Erasmus + destination indicated in the application. Download here the form for the study plan: pds for bachelor and pds for postgraduate, curriculum vitae,
  • self-certification of the exams taken (downloadable from the Alice portal) and, for the master’s degree students, the three-year degree mark,
  • any foreign language certifications.

Once the application has been submitted, it is sufficient to wait for the publication of the ranking.



Once you receive the appointment e-mail from the host university, look for the Erasmus pages on the website of the University of destination as soon as possible and / or contact the foreign University to find out about the internal deadlines of the host university about the procedures for enrolling as an Erasmus student (often the universities have their own registration forms). Pay close attention to deadlines, often very close! You can download the contacts of foreign Universities here.

Wait for the directions provided by e-mail from the University of Pisa for the acceptance of the Erasmus + office and the signing of the contract. Warning! The contract must be signed only by the student and sent by post to the International Relations Office of the University of Pisa (Lungarno Pacinotti 43-44), and not to the Department of Economics and Management. Acceptance of the contract must be made within 20 days through the Erasmus portal; after this deadline those who have not accepted will be automatically removed from the rankings, decaying from the status of Erasmus student.

Proceed to the detailed compilation of the study plan (download here the modules related to the PDS: for three-year degrees and for master’s degrees). It is recommended to fill in the relevant PDS forms bearing in mind the following generic rules:

For the subjects that in the regulation of the CdL result CHARACTERIZING (indicated with the letter “C” in the column of the CFU), the recognition takes place for content. The student must therefore identify, in the University where Erasmus will take place, exams whose contents correspond to those foreseen by the teaching to be replaced. For the AFFINI subjects, on the other hand, the student will have to identify the teachings that fall within the same category as the course to be replaced. By virtue of this, for the related subjects, the student must indicate in the PDS, instead of the single exam that is to be replaced, all the exams that make up the rose.

It is recommended, where the courses identified in the foreign university do not correspond to the aforementioned criteria, to insert them among the free choice credits.

It is not possible to request recognition, in the ECTS of choice, of subjects whose program corresponds to exams already taken in Italy.

Upload the study plan on the Departmental Portal exclusively in “.pdf” format. To facilitate the approval of the Study Plan, it is necessary to download and compare the programs of the courses you intend to follow abroad (on the host institution’s webpage) with the corresponding Italian teaching programs.

For the students of the Degree Course in Business Administration: before uploading the documents on the portal, view the following files: Procedure for students and files for the comparison of the programs.

For the students of the BFAMF: before uploading the documents on the portal, view the following files: Procedure for BFAMF students and files for the comparison of the programs.

SEE HERE the indications for the Degree Course in Business Administration. The presentation is also useful for students of other Degree Courses.

Wait for the approval of the study plan by the referent teacher, which will take place exclusively through the Portal. The approval of the study plan before departure is a necessary condition for obtaining the scholarship and for obtaining the validation of the exams when they return to Italy.

To improve the knowledge of the language, if necessary: if you need to improve the knowledge of the language of the country in which to spend the Erasmus study period, attend the intensive courses of the Interdipartimental Linguistic Center. At the page you will find all the information and the course calendars.



ONLY if the student decides to take exams other than those indicated in the approved study plan before departure, the student must upload the changes to the Department Portal so that the Erasmus representative approves them. Once approval of the new PDS is obtained, the Learning Agreement can be modified in the “during the mobility” section.



Verify that the pdf inserted in the department portal has been approved by the Erasmus contact person.

Have your exams completed and have the “Learning Agreement After the Mobility table” signed by the host university and send the document to or hand it directly to the IRO office of the Department.

The documents listed above are essential to be able to proceed with the conversion of the exams carried out in Erasmus by the student.



If you want:

  • live and study abroad
  • come into contact with a different culture
  • study in a foreign university
  • meet new friends
  • learn another language

if the answer is yes ERASMUS is exactly what you need!