Erasmus+ Traineeship

The traineeship is a training activity that the student can carry out in the countries participating in the Program at higher education institutions holding ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) or any public or private organization active in the labor market or in the fields of education , training and youth.



As an example, they are eligible as internships:

  • small, medium or large enterprises, public or private;
  • public bodies at local, regional, national level;
  • organizations of the working world, including chambers of commerce, professional and craft associations and trade unions;
  • foundations;
  • schools / institutes / educational centers of any level;
  • non-profit organizations, associations, NGOs;
  • vocational guidance bodies, professional advice and information services;
  • the International Relations Offices of the Institutes of Higher Education provided that the training activity foreseen during the training period is clearly expressed in the training agreement and is not already co-financed under other Community programs, so as to avoid possible conflicts of interest and / or double funding;
  • other representatives or public institutions such as cultural institutes, schools, etc. provided that the principle of transnationality is guaranteed (eg: the student acquires a different know-how from what he would acquire with a traineeship in his own country), in this case it becomes the responsibility of the student’s institution to verify and evaluate if the required criteria they are satisfied.

Community institutions are not eligible, including the European agencies, the bodies that manage community programs (in order to avoid conflicts of interest and / or double funding), the national diplomatic representations (embassies etc) of the country where the student is registered as well as those of origin / citizenship of the student in the host country.



Mobility for traineeship can also be carried out by new graduates within 12 months of graduation, provided that the student submits an application for the call for applications and is selected when he / she is still enrolled in the last year of the course (also off course).

The traineeships must have a duration between 2 and 12 months.



Consult the Announcement for A.A 2019-2020 available at the following link.



Check here the List of Companies / Bodies that have already hosted Erasmus students of our Department.

Download here the Proposal Form (to be attached to the application).

The Proposal Form is the module with which the host structure identified by the student declares his / her readiness to accept the trainee and briefly describes the traineeship contents and objectives. This form must be attached to the application to certify the contacts initiated with the foreign structure.

Once verified to be among the winners of the announcement, fill out on-line the Learning Agreement for traineeship that must be signed by the applicant (student), the Area Coordinator (Prof. Nicola Meccheri) and the host foreign structure. The Learning Agreement is considered perfected when it contains the three required signatures. Get information at the Department’s help desk (Federica Rognini) on how to send the document to the foreign office.

Subsequently you will receive an official e-mail from the Research and Internationalization – International Mobility Unit for the acceptance of the post.

You can then fill out the online contract, which you must print together with its attachments, sign and send in original to the Research and Internationalization Department – International Mobility Unit in Lungarno Pacinotti, 44, 56126 Pisa, only and exclusively by post, with the envelope indicated “Erasmus contract”. The documentation must be sent before departure.

Those who cannot leave, would like to present the RENUNCIA to the assigned place, must, within the dates indicated above, access their personal page on the Erasmus Portal and click on the RENUNCIATION button. The system will then generate an automatic email to warn the Research and Internationalization Department – International Mobility Unit and the reference CAI. The waiver will be irrevocable.



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