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Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa offers numerous study opportunities abroad to its members and to international students who choose Pisa to study. There are also many opportunities for mobility in the world for teachers, researchers and technical-administrative staff of the University.

Come study with us here in Pisa!



  • First Semester (Fall Semester):
    • Lectures: from 19th September 2022 to 10th December 2022
    • Midterm Exams: from 31st October 2022 to 5th November 2022
    • Examinations: from 12th December 2022 to 18th February 2023
  • Second Semester (Spring Semester):
    • Welcome Days: from 13th to 17th of February 2023
    • Lectures: from 20th February 2023 to 20th May 2023
    • Midterm Exams: from 1st April 2023 to 6th April 2023
    • Examinations: from 22nd May 2023 to 22nd July 2023
  • The official Academic Calendar 2022/23 will be available also on the website of the Department of Economics and Management.


  • The language of instructions for the courses will either be in English or Italian. With this, we require incoming students to have at least Level B1 of English or Italian language.


In this section you will find the updated list of courses that will be offered by the Department of Economics and Management for the Second Semester of Academic Year 22/23.


Here are the English courses offered by the Department of Economics and Management. Please make sure to check the updated list of courses above to make sure which of these courses will be activated for the semester.

Guidelines for incoming students

The International Relations Office (IRO) staff has prepared this document containing all the important information for incoming students to successfully complete their exchange program. You should carefully read this information in order to avoid setbacks and further complications.


Important Links

Here are the list of the academic portals that will be essential to your mobility.


To enroll to the university, kindly go to the Alice Portal and register.


To register as an Incoming Erasmus student in our university, kindly register at the Erasmus Mobility Portal.


To see the updated timetable of courses, kindly go to the Agenda Didattica portal.


For course materials, references and announcements, go to the eLearning portal.


To register for an examination and evaluate your courses, kindly go to this the Esami portal.

Have any questions?

Feel free to consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section or you can send us an email through!

I have been nominated by my university. What should I do next?

  • Congratulations on being nominated! We can’t wait to welcome you here in Pisa soon!
  • Before coming to Pisa, you should do several things to finalize your enrollment.
    • First, you need to sign up on the Alice portal to generate your username and password.
    • Next, accomplish the registration form on the Erasmus Mobility portal.
    • Wait for confirmation from the University of Pisa and you are good to go!

How can I register on the Alice portal?

  • Please click here for the Alice portal registration guide
  • When asked for the Italian fiscal code (or codice fiscale) you can click the “Forward button without the tax code”. A system generated fiscal code will be generated based on the information you have put on the registration so please make sure that all information is correct.

There is an error when I access the Alice portal. What seems to be the problem?

  • After registration, you may not be able to access your account as an error will appear. In this case, you need to reset your password by clicking on the “Password recovery” button.

Should I submit proof of English proficiency?

  • Incoming Erasmus students are not required to submit a proof of English proficiency except for students coming from universities in Spain.

Do I need to apply for a residency permit?

  • Application for residency permit are only for Non-EU students that are residing outside Europe.

Where can I find the courses and timetable?

  • Courses and timetable will be updated here.
  • For the academic calendar click here.

Can I attend classes remotely?

  • Given the easing of COVID restriction in Italy, classes will now be held in-presence and might not be available through online platforms.

How can I apply for an Italian course?

  • For the Italian courses offered by Centro Linguistico dell’Universita di Pisa (CLI), please refer to this link.

May I include the Italian language course provided by CLI in the Learning Agreement?

  • Yes, you may include it but please make sure that you have the copy of the certificate from CLI and attach it to the Learning Agreement so it will be credited.


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