Before leaving

After Mobility Procedure

All the students should follow some procedures before leaving Pisa, in order to complete all the documents that they need.

1) Before and during the mobility must be signed by both Universities during your erasmus period.

After the mobility will be signed by the Dipartimento di Economia e Management dell’Università di Pisa.

For this reason, the student must return the booklet (“libretto universitario”, the blue booklet) with  passed exams registered, to the IRO.

Then the student can ask to the IRO for the after the Mobility (that will be provided at home University as documents of  passed exams FOR RECEIVING THE LAST PART OF  SCOLARSHIP).

If the students have attended the Italian Language exam, it is necessary to bring the Certificate of the CLI in order to add the Italian exam at the After the Mobility.

2) A few days before leaving, the student must go to the IRO to collect the documents and your Certificate of Attendance.


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