Andrea Lucarelli (Stockholm Business School): “Can we be Open to Meraviglia? Unpacking the complexities of branding places”

Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2023, at 11:00 am

Location: Seminar Room Bruguier Pacini, DEM

Speaker: Andrea Lucarelli (Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University)

Title: “Can we be Open to Meraviglia? Unpacking the complexities of branding places”


Places such as cities, regions and nations have been increasingly marketed, promoted and developed since the beginning of last century. Despite that, only more recently, in the last 30-40 years, a more strategic and structured way has emerged. Such evolution which has been labelled by both researchers and practitioners as “place branding” represents the up-to date contemporary phenomenon which places by their own choice or consulted by a growing army of consultants are both engaged and engaging into. And yet, despite the cacophony of different critical assessments, studies and research produced in relation to different place branding cases and practices worldwide, still one can finds bizarre adoptions and executions which are contrary to the mere application of very basic and grounded learning.

Departing from the case Open to Meraviglia as specific case which illustrate one of those bizarre cases, the presentation will go though some of the core issues, core problems and never-resolved mistakes which still appears in today attempts and activities to brand places. In so doing the presentation will make use of past, contemporary and future own research on the topic to highlight the complexity in the process of branding places today.

Seminar organizers: Matteo Corciolani

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