Michela Boldrini (Università Bocconi): “A Common Pool Resource experiment on the role of Negative Emission Technologies”

Date: Thursday, 18 May 2023, at 12:15 pm

Location: Seminar Room Bruguier Pacini, DEM

Speaker: Michela Boldrini (Università Bocconi)

Title: “A Common Pool Resource experiment on the role of Negative Emission Technologies”


Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs), which include all methods aimed at achieving carbon-dioxide removal from the atmosphere, are receiving increasing political attention, as they are presented as a key backstop tool to meet temperature targets set by international climate agreements. The discussion about the implementation of NETs in the fight against climate warming is not, however, exempt from criticisms. One of the main concerns pertains to the risk that NETs’ availability, fueling excessively optimistic expectations about their ability to serve as a silver bullet solution to fix any climate issue, may decrease the perceived urgency of immediate and coordinated efforts to reduce emissions, ultimately delaying and/or crowding out current emissions abatement and mitigation policies.

In this paper, we rely on a lab experiment to study if the doubts about these potential NETs’ back-fire effects are well-founded, modeling the climate mitigation problem as an infinitely repeated Common Pool Resource (CPR) game, in which we manipulate the availability and the characteristics of restoration technologies.

Seminar organizers: Caterina Giannetti

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