Ricardo Luis Fuenmayor Acosta (Segretario dell’Ufficio di cooperazione internazionale del Dipartimento di Sucre e Professore dell’Università di Cordoba): “The role of the Colombian agri-food economy: recent transformation and international agreements”

Date: Monday, 29 April 2024, at 11:30 am

Venue: Master Room, DEM

Speaker: Ricardo Luis Fuenmayor Acosta (Coordinator of the International cooperation office of the Department of Sucre and Professor of the University of Cordoba)

Title: “The role of the Colombian agri-food economy: recent transformation and international agreements

Introduction: Lucy Inés García Montes, Governor of the Department of Sucre


Today, Colombia is a much secure and more inclusive nation than in the past. It is one of the most important economies in South America, which is attracting a lot of many foreign investment, as well as an important hub for entering the markets of many countries, both for its strategic position and for the large number of free trade treaties stipulated. To date, free trade agreements are in force with 64 countries, including the European Union, the United State, almost all American states and many Asian countries. In this context of the country’s development, the Sucre region is no exception, being an example of resilience, which is experiencing a great socio-economic transformation and increasing efforts and investments to relaunch its economy.
The aim of our administration is to strengthen the economy of Sucre, above all, in sectors such as agro-industry, tourism, infrastructure and the new technology industry.
The Caribbean region of Sucre presents important investment opportunities in:

  • Tourism projects;
  • In the development of the logistics hub, for exports from Sucre;
  • Infrastructure projects;
  • Development of a nautical and tourist centre;
  • Modernization of agro-industrial production and transformation processes;
  • Renewable energy projects.

From this perspective and on the occasion of the signing of the twinning agreement between the Tuscany region and Sucre, the governor, Lucy Inés Garcìa Montes and the coordinator of the international cooperation office, during their stay in Pisa, would like to meet interlocutors, with the aim of making the department known and promoting the opportunities that our territory offers. Sucre represents a privileged gateway to enter the Colombian market and many other countries in the region.

Seminar organizers: Matteo Corciolani

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