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Lunch Seminar DEM Unipi

The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa hosts a series of lunch seminars dedicated to PhD students and early career researchers to improve their research projects and foster collaborations in an informal environment. In order to promote interdisciplinarity we welcome talks on different topics in Economics, Management, Applied Statistics and Mathematics.



Presenters are invited to choose one of the following formats or to propose a different organization of their talk:

Paper Development Workshop (PDW) to provide developmental feedback on research projects that are at a relatively advanced stage of development. The presenter will have to deliver the full paper a week in advance, which will be circulated among the participants. A senior scholar will provide constructive comments to help writing a publishable journal article. The other participants are expected to also offer suggestions for improvement.

Ideas sessions to provide informal feedback to early stage projects which could benefit from insights from peers and senior scholars. Ideas sessions are held in a roundtable discussion format with a short oral presentation allowing for an engaging interaction. Presenters are expected to distribute hands-outs to session’s participants.

Mock presentation to practice a talk by simulating a standard conference presentation, PhD thesis discussion or similar. Presenters will have a critical audience and will be provided feedback on presentation’s style and content.



Lunch Seminars are open to all interested, please check our calendar and join us!

We look forward to seeing you at our event!


Future Seminars

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    Contacts and location

    Seminars are normally convened in the room “Bruguier Pacini” at the 3rd floor of the Department of Economics and Management – University of Pisa.

    Please feel free to contact our team at if you have any questions about the event, your attendance, or any other matters related to the seminars.

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