Economic Ethics

Lecturer: Prof.Marco Guidi

E-Mail address:

Code: 220PP


Teaching Hours: 42

The aim of this course is to present the main contemporary ethical theories and to explore their implications for the analysis and evaluation of the economic problems the world is facing today. The focus, this year, will be on Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s recent book “The Idea of Justice”.

Students in economics, business, legal and political studies will learn to distinguish positive from normative analysis and to understand the criteria through which normative reasoning is based. They will be able to understand different ethical approaches and to apply ethical ideas to practical problems. They will finally acquire the ability to assess economic problems in ethical terms.

1. Current ethical theories: an introduction
2. Theories of justice
3. An introduction to Amartya Sen
4. Sen’s ideas on justice

The exam will consist of a written essay on a subject proposed by the lecturer

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