Risk management in financial institutions

Lecturer Fabiano Colombini, Paola Ferretti
Semester Spring


Description The objective of the course is to provide knowledge on risk management in banks and banks’ capitalization. To this end the course focuses on risk management matters, efficiency, capital rules and supervision in Europe, in order to understand the extent each one of these factors really contributes to the soundness of banks and to their survival.


Course Outline 1. Risk management in banks

2. Banking efficiency

3. Capital rules (Basel 1, 2, 3 and 4)



Textbooks F. Colombini (edited by), Raising capital or improving risk management and efficiency? Key issues in the evolution of regulation and supervision in European Banks, Palgrave, UK, forthcoming.


Optional Reading  
Prerequisites Students must be familiar with basic knowledge of banking



Keywords Banking, risk management, efficiency, capital, Basel, Europe
Teaching Frontal lectures


Final valutation Written examination


Course website  


Other notes Attendance to the lectures is strongly suggested
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